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Sam Model Tech Co., Ltd. was established in October 2002 by Mr. Chan Hur who currently is the CEO of the company. For over 17 years, Mr. Chan Hur had been the head of the Brass Division in Samhongsa until the company collapsed.

Mr. Hur saw an opportunity in Samhongsa's closing. He was able to gather the best experts in every field of the model train building who worked at Samhongsa.

By the end of 2003 and only with nine members of the initial team, Sam Model Tech shipped first three series of model trains to USA and Europe.

The company growth didn't stop and in October 2004, Sam Model Tech was named by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund as an "Exportation Incubating Object". In March 2005, the company joined the KITA (Korea International Trade Association).

Although, Sam Model Tech is still small a company, it aspires to be young Samhongsa and even more.

The company is located in Siheung City between Seoul and Incheon City.

Currently Sam Model Tech employs 12 experts in the internal engineering department. Those experts have at least 15 years of model-building career mainly through Samhongsa and Ajin where they had learnt every detail about the manufacturing process and the importance of quality. There are three designers, five technical engineers, two production managers and two quality assurance supervisors. The quality assurance supervisors monitor the overall production process, starting with the initial stage of production through packaging and shipping of the final product. They well understand that the strict quality standards they apply and strive for, must result in products that are better than Samhongsa's.

At the present time, SAM builds brass models for Key Imports (excellent Benchmark series), Coach Yard, Global Outlet Corp., France and Swiss importers.

Sam Model Tech is producing 'HO', 'O' and '1' gauge Steam, Diesel, Electric Locomotives as well as Passenger and Rolling Stock in handcrafted brass materials.

The company philosophy is to put art before business. Sam Model Tech. considers brass scale model production as a work of art rather than idustrial product.

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